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Planning for Today

and Tomorrow 

Hazard Mitigation Planning Considers:

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2017 Plan, click on cover image,.

  1. Which threats and hazards can affect our community?
  2. If they occurred, what impacts would those threats and hazards have on our  community?
  3. Based on those impacts, what capabilities should our community have in place?
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History of Planning

The first hazard mitigation plan for St. Mary’s County was completed in 2005 and updates to the plan were completed and adopted by the county and the Town of Leonardtown in 2011 and 2017. The planning process for this version of the plan started in December of 2021 with plan approval and adoption in 2022.

Hazard mitigation is any action taken to permanently reduce or eliminate long-term risks to people and their property from the effects of hazards. Natural hazards can take many forms: tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, severe storms, winter weather,  and droughts resulting from natural phenomena. In order to better prepare

to face these natural hazards, communities can plan for and implement mitigation techniques for almost any type of hazard that may threaten its people and property. This plan establishes an ongoing hazard mitigation planning program by:

     a) identifying and assessing potential natural hazards that may pose a threat to life and property;

     b) evaluating which local mitigation measures should be undertaken; and

     c) outlining procedures for monitoring the implementation of mitigation strategies.


The plan update provides guidance to St. Mary’s County officials on local mitigation activities that should be implemented over the next five-year planning cycle. It encourages activities that are most cost-effective and appropriate for mitigating the effects of all identified natural hazards.

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